Grade R to 2 Curriculum

The Grade R to 2 hard copy Curriculum has been carefully designed to meet the educational needs of a Christian School. This curriculum aims to ensure that that the learner is well prepared for the new academic standards of today’s global educational environment. The SwitchedOn Education Grade R to 2 Curriculum has been crafted from a Biblical Worldview and creates a strong belief and character foundation, without compromising any academic quality.

The curriculum has a clear focus on local relevant content. Each weekly theme, story line, characters and setting is carefully selected to fit in with the academic outcomes of the curriculum.

Key Outcomes

The development of proper reading skills though our comprehensive Learning-to-Read phonetics program

Strong writing and development of fine motor skills

A high-level numeracy foundation

Uncompromisingly strong Christian life skills and family values

Mastery based learning environment

Creative problem solving skills

The above is achieved by a well-balanced and creative classroom environment that will support the educator to create a strong and safe learning environment. One of the major benefits through the listed outcomes is that learners will become master readers after completing the Learning-to-Read program in Grades R and 1.

Work Schedule

A comprehensive 10 week termly work schedule will assist the educator with daily tasks. The work schedule is planned to promote flexibility and sufficient time to complete all the required tasks and assessments. The work schedule will also help the educator to build strong foundational skills. Individual and group tasks will help with active participation and for ensuring strong academic comprehension to build a pathway for each learner to achieve their full potential.


Six subjects per grade level

This broader subject base will allow for a stronger and more rounded academic foundation for the ever-changing educational environment. In today’s era, learners are expected to meet higher standards as their cognitive abilities develop at a faster pace compared to the past.

Education requirements have become more demanding, particularly for Grades R and 1 learners. Extensive research has been conducted to ensure all the expected Learning Outcomes from the Department of Education are achieved.

Curriculum Layout

The SwitchedOn Grade R to 2 Curriculum consists of the following:

Each core subject has one full colour Learner Workbook per term (four per year).

In total there are 24 full colour Learner Workbooks per grade, per year, per learner.

Two full colour Teacher’s Guide Files for Grade R and 1 includes weekly & daily tasks and work schedules, answers to all the exercises and all the termly & year assessment tests and reports.

Two full colour Teacher Answer Key Files for Grade 2 includes all the answers to tasks, work and test assessments. All termly and year assessments and reports are included.

Also included in the first Teacher’s File of each grade will be a suggested classroom and learner stationery list, a daily activity schedule & planner, a classroom layout and various key Health & Safety documents.

Includes: One USB Flash Drive with the video & audio library with all the phonetic sound songs and dances for each sound.

The starter pack will also include: one set of 46 full colour A4 phonetic sound & advance sound flip cards, one set of 6 colour A4 number tractor flip cards for counting 1 to 100, and a set of 20 A4 colour number mats flip cards for number recognition.

The curriculum is developed and printed locally and therefore available for order online and immediately dispatched through our efficient shipping partner.

Schools currently using the curriculum

Champions Christian Academy
West Coast Christian School
New Horizon Online Academy
Natanja Christian School
Otjiwarango Christian School
Stelios Academy George
Jahari Christian Academy
Active Home Education Institute
Southgate Academy
Paradigm Education Centre
Kathu Rehoboth International School
Stelios Academy Mossel Bay
Ethan Christian School

The Grade R to 2 SwitchedOn Curriculum offers a comprehensive educational experience that caters to the unique needs of the learners. It equips them with foundational skills in reading, mathematics, and character development, setting a solid foundation for their future academic journey. With the teacher’s guide, number tractor cards, and cutting exercises, this curriculum provides the necessary tools for educators to deliver a well-rounded and engaging learning experience to their students.

If your school is interested to know more about this program, please complete the contact form.

The first ten new schools signing up for 2024 will receive an additional 5% discount on their 1st order (order must be in by 1 December 2023)

Grade R - 2 Curriculum Now Available